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CowCal utilises 'Advanced Matrix Bolus Technology' to supply much needed calcium to your fresh calved cow when blood calcium levels are at their very lowest and help to prevent milk fever or hypocalcaemia.

Key Benefits-

  • Combination of 3 separate calcium sources, each with different release rates – dissolving both rapidly and a slow sustained release into the blood.
  • Large quantity of available calcium (47 grams)
  • Vitamin D3 which facilitates the absorption of calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus for when its needed most
  • Helps to protect the liver and boost Rumen activity
  • Increase of glycaemia during calving (glucose in the blood)



  • 1 bolus at first sign of calving
  • 1 bolus 12 hours later


After calcium injection

  • 1 bolus 2 hours after calcium injection
  • 1 bolus 12 hours later