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CowCal is a high specification and complex calcium bolus used to reduce the risk of hypocalcemia (milk fever) in cows.


Key Benefits-

  • Combination of 3 separate calcium sources, each with different release rates – dissolving both rapidly and a slow sustained release into the blood.
  • Large quantity of available calcium (47 grams)
  • Vitamin D3 which facilitates the absorption of calcium
  • Magnesium to increase the absorption of vitamin D3
  • Helps to protect the liver and boost Rumen activity
  • Increase of glycaemia during calving (glucose in the blood)



  • 1 bolus at first sign of calving
  • 1 bolus 12 hours later


After calcium injection

  • 1 bolus 2 hours after calcium injection
  • 1 bolus 12 hours later