Acido Stop Bolus

Acido Stop Bolus

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Ruminal acidosis (SARA) is one of the most important rumen health problems observed in intensively managed dairy cattle.

SARA can be induced by either:

  • Feeding insufficient fibre, or fibre which induces insufficient chewing or ruminating.
  • Feeding excess starch (cereals), particularly if overprocessed and/or heat treated which makes it very quickly fermentable in the rumen.

Through its innovative live yeast activity, the Acido Stop Bolus provides a buffering effect to regulate pH combating the adverse effects of Acidosis.

The bolus has a positive effect on rumen microbial balance and helps to bind toxins in the rumen


  • 1 bolus per head
  • Repeat if necessary
  • If symptoms persist consult vet

 It is recommended that a Super Boost Bolus is administered simultaneously.