Easy Breathe Bolus

Easy Breathe Bolus

Matrix Animal Health
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This new technology calf bolus contains a combination of ingredients which are designed to support a healthy respiratory system in young calves.

A study from the University of Copenhagen found that one of the main components which make up the bolus stops two separate forms of bacteria from working, both which are known to cause pneumonia infections.  It was discovered that the compound prohibited molecules inside the bacteria from functioning.  They also found that it can break down the bacteria’s biofilm – a shield that protects them from antibodies and the animals own natural immune system.  It also supports the immunity of the calf, reduces stress and helps maintain a healthy respiratory system


  • Helps to maintain healthy lungs
  • Anti-oxidant properties 
  • Supports immunity
  • Use at the 1st signs
  • Reduces stress & aids recovery
  • Use by calf group or individual basis
  • Easy to use
  • Cost Effective

Comes with a free applicator with 1st order