Reduction in Somatic cell counts

Frank Patterson farms in the Braid Valley, Co. Antrim.  He is currently milking around 85 Holstein x Friesian cows with butterfat 4.39, protein 3.48 and averaging 8,000lts.

Frank’s first introduction to the principle of being able to reduce somatic cell count and combating cases of clinical mastitis without the use of antibiotics, came some 17 months ago when he attended a farmer’s meeting hosted by Matrix Animal Health representative Tim Montgomery explaining the novel approach of using a new product containing a combination of ingredients including Beta-Carotene, which boasts anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties:  

“On this farm we put a big emphasis on milk from grass, with the cows out grazing up until just a few weeks ago we also focus on milk quality,” Frank explained.

“Previously to trying the Healthy Udder Boluses, we had been heavily reliant on antibiotics to keep our cell count down at a good level and for treating cases of clinical mastitis.  This reliance on antibiotics

“was something that we consciously knew we had to reduce as the onus is on us as livestock owners to protect the farming industry, so I was delighted when I heard how the Healthy Udder Bolus could help me achieve this goal. 

“When we get our milk recording back we highlight any high cell count cows and they get the bolus.  Nearly without exception it will at-least halve their cell count.