Reducing somatic cell counts and combating mastitis without antibiotics

The new ‘Healthy Udder Bolus’ from Matrix Animal Health is a fast acting bolus for use in lactating dairy cattle to help reduce the use of antibiotics in cases of high somatic cell counts and both clinical and sub clinical mastitis.

It can also be used at drying off and can offer post-calving transition support.

The ‘Healthy Udder Bolus’ contains a combination of ingredients including Beta-Carotene which boasts anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

By Philip Gordon: “I farm along with my father George just outside Annalong in Co.Down. We have been using products from Matrix Animal Health for a few years now such as CalfClear which to other farmers.” Tim added: “In recent years it has been highlighted globally the major concerns about antibiotic resistance at an on farm level and this is something that I am hearing on farms every day. Farmers feel a great responsibility to source and use alternative products rather than just reaching into the medicine cabinet for the antibiotics every time there is a problem. One of the ways Matrix Animal Health is helping farmers to do this is by using the Healthy Udder Bolus.” The chemistry and theory behind this bolus is new to the UK and Ireland, with the combination of Beta-Carotene and Allicin boasting anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. By inhibiting the migration of neutrophilic granulocytes into the epithelia the bolus also we find a super product that is easy to use and has really made rearing calves on our farm much easier and a lot less stressful. We were talking to Tim Montgomery who is the Matrix agent our area and he was explaining the technology behind the new Healthy Udder Bolus. He explained how the new Healthy Udder Bolus can reduce somatic cell count and combat mastitis and we would still be able to sell all the milk we produced without wasting any. We were not having major problems but recently I’ve had a few cows through the parlour who had a few curds in a quarter so we tested them on these cases. The results were very impressive indeed. Both cows ‘cleaned up’ straight away and we lost no milk. We now use the bolus with confidence and would have no hesitation recommending its use has an anti-inflammatory effect. The bolus has antimicrobial activity against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. “Feedback from our customers has been extremely positive. Farmers are commenting that the ‘Healthy Udder Bolus’ has succeeded in significantly helping with Somatic Cell Count in the vast majority of cases. We are seeing fantastic results on farm with these new boluses both in terms of lowering SCC levels and the Mastitis burden. Farmers understand their responsibility to reduce their reliance on antibiotics and this product helps them with that goal, with the extra benefit of more milk in the tank.”