Clinical Mastitis cases no longer a headache

Thomas Gordon of Grove Farm, Ballyclare, runs a herd of Pedigree Ayrshire cows, split between spring and autumn calving.

He is currently putting 100 cows through the parlour on a grass based system. Matrix Animal Health sales agent Tim Montgomery chatted to Thomas this week to see how he was getting on with the HealthyUdderBoluses. “We had been having some mastitis issues on the farm and were just going about our standard protocol which was to treat with antibiotic tubes from the vet, which needed to be administered every milking for six milkings, and with the lengthy milk with hold period,”he said. “This meant that a significant volume of the milk we produced was not fit for sale. Tim Montgomery representing Matrix Animal Health added: “Matrix in collaboration with other industry leaders have formulated the chemistry behind the Healthy Udder Bolus which is a completely new concept to theUK andIreland. “The different components of the bolus work synergistically, resulting in it being able to boast anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. “The bolus also has antimicrobial activity against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria including some antibiotic resistant strains. Feedback from our customers has been extremely positive. “Farmers are commenting that the ‘HealthyUdderBolus’ has succeeded insignificantly helping with Clinical Mastitis. We are also seeing fantastic results on farm with these new boluses with lowering overall of SCC levels. “Farmers understand their responsibility to reduce their reliance on antibiotics and On top of the financial implications of using antibiotics, I have also been very concerned over the increased resistance to antibiotics and believe that farmers as food producers play a major role in the fight to combat this. “A neighbour recommendedI would try the ‘Healthy Udder Bolus’ from Matrix Animal Health. “I ordered over the phone and was delighted to see my parcel arrived promptly via post the next morning as I had a couple of cows I wanted to treat straight away. “I have been extremely happy with the results. If I spot a cow with mastitis she gets the boluses straight away, by the next day, her quarter will be clean. “No milk withhold, no repeat treatment, it’s really as straightforward as that. All the milk we produce can now be sold. The boluses have all but eliminated what used to be a major headache on our farm. An excellent product.” this product helps them with that goal, with the extra benefit of more milk in the tank.”